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Hello and Thank You for the press release about your new book, from Trafford Publishing!

We are BLITZ MEDIA-DIRECT – the company that authors and publishers rely on for effective Public Relations (PR) Placement and Book Promotion.

Save 65% off MEDIA COSTS!

Affordable Promotion Package for limited advertising budgets. We give you incredible reach at fabulous savings, getting news of your new title over the wire for 100 to 400 story placements on your book. Our standard promotional packages, although affordably priced for firms with an ad budget, used to be just a bit out of reach for the independent author or publisher, so we have developed a cost-effective and dynamic alternative:


You still get the same incredible national exposure, but at only a fraction of the cost you would pay if you were attempting this on your own. Plus our "BOOK NEWS" and "NEWS OF BOOKS" heading increases the interest factor by at least 50% for those who follow and watch the news for the latest new literary talent — you and your book!

Imagine the high visibility and potential exposure you can receive when we release an editorial story about your new title to 10,000 targeted newspapers.

Your book news release goes out to 1,500 dailies with a circulation of 58 million, 8,500 suburban weeklies with a reach of 79 million. You’ll also be promoted to 6500 radio stations (both news and talk show—150 million listeners) and 1000 TV talk shows, many on dominant stations in major markets. (Up to 50 million viewers.) These shows seek out our releases, which we re-edit for daytime TV from existing footage or color stills.

That’s only the beginning, because we don’t just distribute releases. We write a newsworthy story about you and your new title. And we guarantee the placement of your release in 100 to 400 newspapers across the country. You’ll receive full color monthly reports on the results at no extra charge! And results are what we get.

Here’s how the BOOK NEWS PR CO-OP works and the packages and pricing for each. Choose from three different packages to fit your budget—as little as $9.10 per placement:

"Book News & Notes" Package is a 3-Column, full page Book Review Release. It is shared by nine authors. If you have a limited budget, it’s the best value anywhere for a vast amount of PR exposure. This review, for a single author/book, is only $8,150-through our CO-OP it’s very affordable at just $910! You’ll receive 100 story placements for a low $9.10 each! Visit: "Book News & Notes" @

"Six to Put On Your Not-to-Miss List" Package is a 2-Column Release shared by six authors and features six books reviewed for online access. This review, for a single author or book, is priced at $7,150----but through our CO-OP your rate is only $1,192! You’ll receive 100 story placements for a low $11.92 each! Sample: "Six to Put on Your Not-to-Miss List" by logging on to

"Critic’s Choice" Package is a Single-Column Release shared by three authors. We spotlight the three books in a major review. For a single book/one author, the card rate is $5,850, but through the CO-OP, you receive a huge 65% discount. Your rate is only $1,950! You’ll receive 100 story placements for a mere $19.50 each. Sample: "Critics’ Choice" by logging onto

All three BOOK NEWS PR CO-OP’s have a flexible rate structure allowing an author, publisher or publicist with a small budget to purchase larger space* in the same package, while still enjoying the big CO-OP savings shared pricing structure.

(*Ask about special rates for more units).

What would it cost you for this massive national coverage? If purchased on a per publication, per insertion basis, your advertising costs would be upwards of $90,000. 00!

With a guarantee of a minimum of 100 placements, your actual cost per editorial story is only $19.50, $11.90, or $9.10 for Packages 1, 2, or 3.

This is an exceptional offer you shouldn’t miss! And, frankly, it’s not available anywhere else except through Blitz Media-Direct. Our exclusive Cyber BookNews Co-Op™ format is trademarked and copyrighted. We own all international rights.

Get valuable exposure for yourself and your book by calling (631) 924-8555 NOW. Secure your position and PR Release date today. Hurry though, because as you now know, we have a limited number of author/publisher spots available in each package.

Placing feature articles in newspapers and the internet is one of the most powerful and effective of all book PR marketing strategies. It’s used by the top PR firms/publicists in the know. Robert W. Bly Best-Selling Author of over 40 Books

Here’s what Blitz-Naps customers are saying . . .

Their success stories can be yours too—if you act now!

"I wanted to let you know that we at New Horizon Press are impressed with the way in which Blitz Media-Direct has handled our books, getting national coverage for our titles. You certainly have lived up to your guarantee for placement in 100 to 200 papers across the country, and everyone there has dealt with us in a meticulous, professional manner." - Joseph Marron, New Horizon Press

"Blitz-NAPS copy has appeared in such well-regarded newspapers as The Chicago Tribune, Washington Post and Newsday." - Marketer Magazine

"The top quality of newspapers that uses Blitz-NAPS is startling. When the client tried another service, they got almost nothing." - Robert J. Stone,

Principal , Dilenschneider Group"While maximum circulation on a release to all dailies is 60 million, this increases by 55 million when weeklies are included. Blitz-NAPS clients have seen stories appear in Newsday and The Washington Post." - Inside PR Magazine

"Our results to date [on a set of eight releases] show 2,228 newspaper articles have been placed." - Dick Thompson, Manager, Media Relations Public Affairs Staff, General Motors Corp.

"To generate letters to Congress, "my [oil] company did a set of 16 releases through Blitz-NAPS that resulted in 5,000 placements, helping turn a potential loss into a win." - William C. Adams, PR Quarterly

Publishing experts agree—your message has far more credibility as "editorial" story than as a sponsored advertisement. The publication of your article on yourself and your book--results in prestige and recognition for You and the Publisher. Best of all, the reprints from each story placement make excellent, low cost sales literature. REMEMBER, WE GUARANTEE YOUR RESULTS! J

Wishing You and Your Book Much Success!

Ms. Gaylen Andrews, RN, MS.

President                                                                                                                                       Blitz Media-Direct

P.S. From this email you can view actual samples of THE BOOK NEWS PR CO-OP packages. They are in pdf format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 for viewing.

To view the BOOK NEWS stories on our website visit -


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‘Guaranteed-To-Please’ ORDER FORM

We GUARANTEE you’ll receive a minimum of 100 story placements in newspapers per release or we will run your release again for FREEJ

Clipping service and monthly results reports (log on to for sample report) up to a year ($500.00 value) are included free of charge.

"Critics’ Choice" Package –

One Column Newspaper Release

q One-column (2.25" col. width up to 7" deep) Book & Author (solo) = $5,850 (A reasonable $58.50 per story placement!). Your story will feature one b/w photo (graphic PDF file) of your book cover/jacket and story is 160 to 200 words.

q 1/3 one-column = $1,950 (an amazingly low $19.50 per story placement). Includes one photo of book cover/jacket and up to 40 to 50 words max. Custom line art: $130 B&W or $200 color, per drawing.

"Six to Put On Your Not-to-Miss List" Package

Two Column Newspaper Release

q Two-column (4.50" col. width up to 7" deep) Book & Author (solo) = $7,150 (only $71.50 per story placement). Includes one photo of book cover/jacket and up to 320 to 380 words.

q 1/6 Two-column = $1,192 (a very low $11.92 per story placement). Includes one photo of book cover, and up to 40 to 50 words max.

"Book News & Notes" Package –

Three Column Newspaper Release

q One three-column (6.75" col. width up to 7" deep) Book & Author (solo) = $8,150 (only $81.50 per story placement). Includes one photo of book cover/jacket and up to 480 to 580 words.

q 1/9 three-column = $910 (the absolutely lowest price of $9.10 per story placement). This includes one book cover/jacket photo and up to 40 to 50 words max.

Simply Check ( ) the box above next to budget you want

and write in the package name and column quantity here.

Package Name: ______________________________________

Column Quantity: _____________________________________

Author/Publisher Signature: ______________________________


Kindly mail in your payment today to reserve your spot in the next Book News CO-OP distributed to 10,000 newspapers: 8,500 weeklies with 79 million circulation and 1,600 dailies with 58 million circulation—a total of 137 million.

Please make your check/money order payable to Blitz-Media and mail to:

Blitz Media-Direct

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